Rune Series (oils, limited palette)
The artist began painting the Therapy Series followed by the Runes Series. We'll look at them in reverse order. She was in Japan on her way to an International Transpersonal Psychology Conference in Kyoto when she stopped in Tokyo is see the national museums. A retrospective exhibit of the prints of Munakata filled several galleries at the Mueum of Contemporary Art, followed by a continuously operating video of a TV interview made shortly before his death. The interviewer is dazzled by the speed with which Munakata is cutting a block and inquired, "How can you work so fast?" Munakata replied, "It's coming from someplace behind me." When she went to her hotel room, she said out loud, "Well, if there is something behind me that wants expression, let's see it." She began sketching furiously, in a notebook which ultimately held 90 ideas for paintings.
Rune 1: The Self --2' x 3' $500
Rune 6: Initiation--- 2' x 4' (NFS)
The next day during an orientation to a group pre-conference tour, she found herself without the notebook and compulsively drew on the banquet table-cloth which she reluctantly had to leave behind. Two days later is Koyasan, the guide inquired, "Who was drawing on the table cloth at the hotel?" She was embarassed and given instructions to pay for it and pick it up from the chief bell boy upon returning to the hotel a couple of days later. The bill was $27 which she paid in cash, breathed a sigh of relief, borrowed a pair of scissors and cut the sketches off the table cloth to paste into her sketch book. Later she painted those ideas.
Untitled 5
Untitled 6
After Japan she flew to Tasmania where she was scheduled to teach a journal workshop. Her friends rushed her out of the airport straight to the university art gallery, where the grand old man of Australian/New Zealand, was present for the opening of a retrospective exhibit. She arrived in time to hear a reporter ask, "Where do you get your ideas?" and the old man answered, "They come from somewhere behind me." She was inspired. Taught and traveled finally to Western Australia where she began to paint small oils that would be called The Therapy Series. She came back to the US for a few months on business and Winafred Lucas loaned her empty house to use as studio for a few weeks.
Rune 17: Movement--- 4' x 4'
Rune 11: Possessions--- 4'x 4'
She attended The Every Other Monday Night Coffee Drinking and Consciousness Raising Group, where she heard Ralph Blum talk about his Runes. The Runes are Norse alphabet symbols which Ralph channeled into a little oracle for divining the future. 26 clay tablets, in a bag, and a little book of interpretations. Reach into the bag, draw one, see what it means. She bought a set, turned to her sketch book, decided which sketch to paint, drew a rune, and the rune always synchronistically fit into the painting! She did 21 paintings in rapid succession before heading back to Australia.
Rune 10: Protection--- 4' x 4'
Rune 13: Harvest--- 4' x 4'
Rune 5: 4' x4' (private collection)

Mixed Runes:
Putting Your Hand on the Great Stone Face--- 4 x 4 (destroyed in fire)

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