About The Artist
Frances Heussenstamm, Ph.D. is now a clinical psychologist by profession and a spiritual artist by inspiration. By mid-life, she was an Associate Professor of Art and Education for graduate students at Columbia University, NYC, after years with undergraduates at CA State U, Los Angeles. In l975, when she returned to LA from NYC, the mystery of creativity led her to explore the Unconscious with more than 12,000 adults all over the world in workshops using journaling and imagery to access the depths of the psyche. The author of numerous academic articles, she accepted a commission for a book of basic psychospeak definitions, Blame It On Freud, which was published in l993.

In l983, she awoke from a dream with the words, "I'm an artist, I've always been an artist, and I have to paint." She left both private practice and a decade of teaching for UCLA Extension in l985, for full time painting, and has lived in Western Australia and in California since then. Her paintings are in a number of private collections in the US and abroad.

She recently completed a series of 22 (each one 6' x 8') canvasses designed to be exhibited in a circle, which tell the story of the cycle of life. "For me, all of the world's religions, faiths, beliefs, are facets of a cosmic prism so that each one bends the light -- their share of truth-- so that humanity is not blinded by the brilliance of the vast creative force of the universe."
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